Upcoming Event
Event Name: Cosmic Colors
Event Occurs: Once
Event Description: Cosmic Colors will take you on a wondrous journey across the electromagnetic spectrum. Discover the many reasons for color-like why the sky is blue and why Mars is red. Take a tour within a plant leaf and journey inside the human eye. Investigate x-rays at your doctor's office and at a monstrous black hole. Get ready for an amazing adventure under a rainbow of cosmic light. Target audience: Ages 10 and up. Reservations recommended.
Event Class: General
Contact Person or Organization: DuPont Planetarium
Website Address: https://www.facebook.com/RuthPatrickScienceEducationCenter/photos/a.409577943893/10157267726923894/?type=3&eid=ARAHJ7Jn79ynPIVJWc6BPllQKCcIx7EkfHSce1GWx1EJyfmpu35aKpOeT6AEhggOZHXhpFrfyZFqJxDj&__tn__=EEHH-R
Contact Phone: 803-641-3654
Contact Email: planetarium@usca.edu
Start Date/Time: 7/19/2019 11:00 AM
End Date/Time: 7/19/2019
Directions: DuPont Planetarium
471 University Parkway
Aiken, SC 29801