Upcoming Event
Event Name: 29th Annual Augusta Disc Golf Classic Driven By Innova
Event Occurs: Daily
Event Description: This year's Classic will be held September 19th - 20th and will be a B-tier with $750 added cash. Both pools will be playing 3 courses over 2 days/3 rounds. We are excited to announce that the Pendleton King Park, Lake Olmstead, and Langley Pond courses will be utilized this year.
Event Class: General
Contact Person or Organization: Augusta Disc Golf Association
Website Address: https://www.csradiscgolf.com/
Contact Phone: 762.333.2342
Contact Email: info@csradiscgolf.com
Start Date/Time: 9/19/2020
End Date/Time: 9/20/2020
Directions: Langley Pond Disc Golf Park
113 Langley Dam Rd
Warrenville, SC 29851

Lake Olmstead Disc Golf Park
2200 Broad St
Augusta, GA 30904

Pendleton King Disc Golf Park
1600 Troupe St
(Kissingbower Rd)
Augusta, GA 30904