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Event Name: Voices & Votes: Suffrage Symposium
Event Occurs: Once
Event Description: Suffrage Symposium: The Big Debate

With the national premiere of an original playlet, The Big Debate, this event brings to life the fraught friendship and the competition for recognition between voting rights stalwarts Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony. The 15th Amendment, passed in 1869, states the right to vote "shall not be denied or abridged ... on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude." The 19th Amendment, passed in 1919, states the right to vote "shall not be denied or abridged ... on account of sex." Within that 50-year span was a contentious rift in the suffrage movement over race and gender that has not healed in much of the U.S. to this day. Explore this division and its repercussions through live theater followed by a panel discussion among local historians.
Dr. Melissa DeVelvis, Augusta University
Prof. Meeghan Kane, Benedict College
Dr. Sarah King, USCA
Moderator: Dr. Heather Peterson, USCA

Part of the Voices and Votes: Democracy in America traveling exhibit of the Smithsonian Institution, on display at the Aiken County Historical Museum from July 23 through September 3, 2022.​ In anticipation of this honor, a Program Committee has worked with partners to assemble 15 different events from late February to early September, to be held free of charge in venues across the community. The exhibit and all programs offer wide-ranging reflections on the storied history of voting rights in America, many with a local focus.
Event Class: General
Contact Person or Organization: Aiken County Historical Museum
Website Address: https://aikenvoicesandvotes.com/
Contact Phone: 803.642.2015
Contact Email: museum@aikencountysc.gov
Start Date/Time: 8/23/2022 7:00 PM
End Date/Time: 8/23/2022
Directions: USCA Etherredge Center
340 Scholar Loop
Aiken, SC