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Event Name: Opening Ceremony Voices and Votes: Democracy in America
Event Occurs: Once
Event Description: The Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibit 'Voices and Votes: Democracy in America' is coming to Allendale.

The Opening Ceremony for Allendale's Voice and Votes: Democracy in America exhibit will be held on Thursday, September 8th, from 5:30 to 7pm in the USC Salkahatchie Science & Administration Building Atrium.

"Voices and Votes is based on a major exhibition currently on display at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. This Museum on Main Street adaptation will have many of the same dynamic features: historical and contemporary photos, educational and archival video, engaging multimedia interactives with short games and additional footage, photos, and information, and historical objects like campaign souvenirs, voter memorabilia and protest material.

Our democracy demands action, reaction, vision, and revision as we continue to question how to form 'a more perfect union'. How do you participate as a citizen? From the revolution and suffrage, to civil rights and casting ballots, everyone in every community is part of this ever evolving story - the story of democracy in America."

The exhibit is part of a grant submitted by the Allendale Rural Arts Team (ART) who is partnering USC Salkehatchie to host the exhibit.

The exhibit will be hosted by USC Salkehatchie from September 10 to October 22.
Event Class: General
Contact Person or Organization: Allendale Rural Arts Team and USC Salkehatchie
Website Address: www.allendale-enterprise.com/voices-and-votes
Contact Email: n/a
Start Date/Time: 9/8/2022 5:30 PM
End Date/Time: 9/8/2022 7:00 PM
Directions: USC Salkehatchie
465 James Brandt Blvd
Allendale, SC 29810