Physical Reminders - Civil War History

There are many beautiful state parks and historic sites spread across Thoroughbred County. Most of them allow one to experience the great outdoors and natural beauty of the region, while others are rich in history which allows to you walk in the footsteps of soldiers and citizens from centuries past. A definite place to go to experience this is Rivers Bridge State Historic Site where you can walk the well preserved trails that surround the Battlefield at Rivers Bridge.

The confederate defense at Rivers Bridge was an attempt to halt Union forces during the Invasion of South Carolina. The battle lasted from February 2-3 while the Confederates stood behind their earthen fortifications, which still remain today, until Union troops went through the swamps to flank them and ultimately win.

The Battlefield of Rivers Bridge is a preserved State Historic Site which is open to the public year round. Guided tours are also available once a month or by appointment. It is located approximately 30 miles west of Interstate 95 (Exit 57) near Ehrhardt South Carolina.

For an active experience of the Civil War in Thoroughbred Country, once a year in late February, you can hear the crack of rifles and the thunder of cannons as the Battle of Aiken is relived. It is truly an awesome sight for residents and visitors alike. The Battle of Aiken is a reenactment which portrays the events of the Battle over a three-day period. It features living history as a tool, to teach the public about the battle and life in the region during the Civil War. The date for the next Battle of Aiken is February 22 & 23, 2020.

Whether you visit Rivers Bridge Battlefield or attend the Battle of Aiken, you will have seen and felt the past and experienced the rich Civil War history of Thoroughbred Country.