Folks Love to Horse Around

Here in Thoroughbred Country folks love to horse around. The whole area, a portion of the old Barnwell District, was known for raising thoroughbred horses after the Revolutionary War and thus has been popular for quite a while with thoroughbred-racing fans.

During March and April, the City of Aiken celebrates the horse with three weekends of horse racing known as the Triple Crown. These races include trials, steeple chasing and polo. Polo matches are played at local venues such as Whitney Field which has the distinction of having the longest continuous period of play of any field in the country.

The Hippodrome, located in North Augusta, is the site of many events including barrel shows, team penning and cutting shows. Other equestrian events, such as rodeos and organized rides, are also scheduled around the region.

Trail riding and horse camping are popular at Lakeview Plantation in Allendale County. With 140 campsites and 60 miles of groomed trails it's easy to see why.

For Southern nostalgia and a genuine bit of Civil war history visit Broxton Bridge Plantation near Ehrhardt. Horse trails, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing and more can be found here.