Barnwell County Courthouse & Sundial
Barnwell County Courthouse POI | Thoroughbred Country
Location:  141 Main St
City:  Barnwell
Description:  The original courthouse, built in Boiling Springs in 1789, was succeeded by several buildings on the present site. The present courthouse was built in 1878-79. The unique vertical sundial in front of the courthouse was given to the town in 1858 by Joseph D. Allen, who was a state Senator from Barnwell at that time. Legend has it that this is the only free-standing vertical sundial in the United States and though erected prior to standard time (1883), it keeps within two minutes of that.

The courthouse and sundial are located on The Circle, Barnwell's downtown district. Enjoy a town park surrounded by a variety of boutiques, restaurants and cafes all within walking distance of this iconic landmark.