Visit Thoroughbred Country Virtually

Looking to experience South Carolina's Thoroughbred Country virtually? We have pulled together informative videos from some of our regional favorites to make it easier for you to enjoy on-the-go. See what this region has to offer and then plan your future visit.

Go For It - Season 3, Episode 4: Let's Get Stranded
Nov. 02, 2022  Devyn enjoys a movie under the stars at one of the last drive-in theaters in South Carolina. 


The VeryVera Show, Season 9 Episode 22, "Aiken, SC"
Apr 26, 2021  Vera travels to Aiken, South Carolina. She joins some artisans and farmers at Aiken County Farmers Market, cooks with Chef Jason Tufts at Malia's Restaurant, meets up with Aiken Polo Manager Tiger Kneece at historic Whitney Field and enjoys an afternoon cocktail at The Willcox. 

Making It Grow: The King George Lavender Farm and Mercantile
November 23, 2022 -  A video discussing The King George Lavender Farm and Mercantile in Barnwell, SC. They feature over 8,000 lavender plants and also a wide variety of lavener products.

Go For It - Season 2, Episode 2: Living History -
Oct. 14, 2021  From baking and toy making, to weaving and making furniture, Devyn tries her hand at life in Colonial South Carolina. 

Aiken County Historical Museum's Premiere Virtual Exhibition -
"More than Fringe: 1920s Fashion of the Winter Colony" - You can view just a sampling of the elegant dresses that are being preserved in the ACHM's collections via this online exhibit.

Aiken County 150th Anniversary - "Exploring Aiken County" Video Series -
Several videos will be posted throughout the year visiting museums, interpretive centers and historic sites across Aiken County.

Get on the Bus - Savannah River Site Virtual Tour -
Jan 7, 2021 – A look beyond the barricades through a virtual tour of the Department of Energy's Savannah River Site.

Go For It Episode 6: All About The Horse, Of Course -
Nov 5, 2020 – Tune in as Devyn gets up close and personal with some of the incredible animals that claim the distinction of being a "Thoroughbred" in South Carolina's horse country.

Learn from Cold Creek Nurseries - &
Cold Creek Nurseries is a garden center located in Aiken, SC with a wide plant selection, expert advice and tailored services. Check out their videos for informational sessions, tips and tricks on gardening and more.

Pottery Demonstrations from The Little Red Barn Gallery -
Several pottery demonstration videos by Potter Elizabeth Ringus.

Keep up with the Aiken Community Theatre -
ACT is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to entertain, educate and enrich our community by providing a quality theatre experience. 

Ruth Patrick Science Education Center Field Trip: Amphibians -
Apr 14, 2020 – Meet the resident amphibians at the RPSEC and learn more about them.

Ruth Patrick Science Education Center Field Trip: Red Cockaded Woodpecker Artificial Cavity Program -
Apr 22, 2020 – Learn more about what the program is doing to attract these birds to the Silver Bluff Audubon Center in Jackson, SC.

The Big Mo Drive-In -
Nov 6, 2013 – The Big Mo Drive-In in Monetta, SC continues to provide southerners far and wide with a unique taste of nostalgic entertainment.

Gopher Tortoise Preservation -
Sept 29, 2017 – SCDNR and partners released 30 gopher tortoises at the Aiken Gopher Tortoise Heritage Preserve as part of joint efforts to establish a viable population here.

Discovering Dave: Spirit Captured in Clay -
Nov 10, 2015 – A documentary about the slave potter Dave from the 1800s.

Walking the Streets of Dunbarton –
Mar 27, 2019 – A short film discussing the coming of the Atomic Energy Commission to Barnwell County and the displacement of the town of Dunbarton and its three hundred residents.

Mart to Art: A Repurposed Life -
Dec 29, 2017 – This film follows the nearly one-hundred year journey of a 1926 commissary built for a lumber mill located in the swamps of Barnwell County and its continued use today.

Aiken Youth Orchestra Mid-Semester Informal Concert -
Apr 21, 2020 – Scenes from the Aiken Youth Orchestra's Mid-Semester Informal Concert.

Discover the arts at Aiken Center for the Arts -
Take virtual tours, art classes or participate in book discussions. New content posted regularly.

Redcliffe Plantation House Tour -
Mar 24, 2020 – Sit back, relax and join Ranger Chelsea for a tour of the mansion.

Redcliffe Plantation SC Discover Program Part 1 Video -
Apr 2, 2020 – A shortened version of one of their Discover Carolina school programs and show you inside one of the original slave cabins at the plantation.

Redcliffe Plantation SC Discover Program Part 2 Video -
Apr 9, 2020 – Part two of Life on a Plantation, a Discover Carolina school program, focuses on life in the mansion at Redcliffe Plantation.

Redcliffe Plantation Rooftop Video -
Apr 16, 2020 – See what Ranger Chelsea is "up to" on the mansion’s rooftop on a clear day.

Redcliffe Plantation Caring for Family Heirlooms -
Apr 27, 2020 – Ranger Chelsea from Redcliffe Plantation is joined by Lauren Virgo from the Aiken County Historical Museum to teach you how to care for and preserve family heirlooms.

Prickly Pear at Redcliffe Plantation -
Nov 3, 2020 – Did you know there is a cactus native to South Carolina? And it produces fruit? Take a listen and find out more about this plant.

Exploring the Attic: Redcliffe Plantation -
Dec 15, 2020 – Today we're going to explore the attic of the mansion at Redcliffe Plantation State Historic Site with Ranger Chelsea. Tune in and watch for all of the neat things she finds in this seldom seen area of the house.

A Quick Intro Into the World of Archaeology - Redcliffe Plantation State Historic Site -
Mar 29, 2021 – Redcliffe Plantation State Historic Site was delighted to have a special guest Katherine Parker, PhD student at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, perform Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) as a part of an archaeological survey of part of the park's property.

How an Artesian Well Works - From Aiken State Park -
Jan 12, 2021  Have you ever seen an artesian well? Have you wondered how it works, or where all of that water is coming from and going? Tune in and listen to Ranger James from Aiken State Park as he breaks it down and explains the process.

Rivers Bridge Illumination Ceremony -
Feb 2, 2021 – On February 2-3, 1865, Sherman's troops encountered one of the Confederacy's last stands as they swept across the South. Each year on these same dates, we remember those over 160 men who were killed, wounded, captured or missing from both the North and the South. Watch the illumination ceremony, as we bring it to you in video.

A Day in the Life of a Park Ranger - Ranger Hoss -
Apr 1, 2021 – Have you had a chance to meet Ranger Hoss from the Battle of Rivers Bridge State Historic Site? This is one entertaining ranger you don't want to miss.

Middle Savannah River Tour with Savannah Riverkeeper -
Apr 3, 2020 – Take a virtual tour of the Middle Savannah River with Savannah Riverkeeper.

SC Bicentennial Wagon House Tour -
Mar 28, 2020 – A look inside the SC Bicentennial Wagon House in Wagener, SC.

Watch past Joye in Aiken performances – &
Relive the world class artists’ performances from the annual week-long festival in Aiken.

Edisto River: Black Water Crown Jewel -
Nov 17, 2014 – Never before has the Edisto River been so completely captured in images and words. Naturalist photographer Larry Price spent years under open skies near, on and in this mysterious black water gem, capturing it in all seasons, in flood and drought, in all her moods.