Joye in Aiken
Joye In Aiken - Provided by Joye | Thoroughbred Country
Location:  Various Locations around Aiken
City:  Aiken
Phone:  803.292.3124
Description:  Join Joye in Aiken for a special week long festival held in March. There are free or low-cost performances around town that are open for the public. Since 2008, Joye in Aiken has brought world-class actors, dancers and musicians into our neighborhoods to bring the excitement of learning and the pleasure of artistic discovery to our students.

Joye in Aiken is named for Joye Cottage, a beautiful Gilded Age mansion that serves as a place of retreat and renewal for the artists who participate in our Festival and Outreach Program. The name is meant to honor the central role that Joye Cottage has played in history, while suggesting the nature of the program itself, which has brought boundless joy to thousands of adults and children.
Other Joye in Aiken events include Jazz performances in June and a holiday concert in December.