Hitchcock Woods
Hitchcock Woods Nature  | Thoroughbred Country
Location:  430 South Boundary Ave SW
City:  Aiken
Phone:  803.642.0528
Website:  www.hitchcockwoods.org
Description:  Hitchcock Woods is among the largest urban forests in the nation, with about 2,100 acres of forestland resources. Once owned and enjoyed by Louise and Thomas Hitchcock, this longleaf pine forest has retained its natural character and cultural heritage. Today, equestrians, hikers, dog walkers and joggers enjoy the 70 miles of sandy trails that provide access to the stunning variety of ecosystems in the Hitchcock Woods. Map kiosks are available at all seven entrances.

Stop by Gateway Park at the South Boundary entrance where you will find informational kiosks along a beautiful walkway describing the Woods, its history, flora and fauna and the challenges of preserving its unique resources.