Bamberg Historic District
Bamberg Historic District POI | Thoroughbred Country
Location:  Railroad Ave
City:  Bamberg
Phone:  803.245.4427
Description:  A significant collection of buildings built during 1875-1930 which presents an accurate depiction of Bamberg's history. Lying along both sides of what was once the Southern Railway, this residential neighborhood was home to several locally important citizens such as General Francis Marion Bamberg and Jesse F. Carter, former S.C. Senator. Another prominent building was the Bamberg County Courthouse which, with its construction, secured Bamberg as the county seat. Speckled amongst the vernacular residences with prominent porches and carpenter ornamentation are larger buildings of various architecture style including Georgian Revival, Second Empire, Neoclassical and Gothic Revival. A walking tour brochure is available for purchase from Bamberg County Chamber of Commerce, 604 Airport Rd. Contact for hours of operation.